Junk mail? Never! Catalogs are a girls best friend. How many times have you walked in the door after work and there they were , stacked , glossy and waiting  next to the mail?  Crate and Barrel, Garnet Hill,  Pottery Barn, William Sonoma, Heineman , Title Nine…..
Your family knows nothing is recycled until you’ve had a gander. It takes a few minutes to unload, hang up your coat, check on the kids, and inquire about their day.  Next, gather the materials for dinner and do a little prep.  Run upstairs for yoga pants, fleece, and slippers.  Pour a little glass of wine and grab those new arrivals. Slip to a comfortable chair and begin to peruse. AAAHHH!
      I cannot say how many times I have enjoyed this ritual, maybe once a week.  I love flipping slowly through the pages allowing  my mind to leave the day behind. Coats, pans, shoes, pillows, candles.  Occasionally I search out the cost of an item but rarely do I purchase anything.  Colors and patterns float by . Beautiful rooms and tables full of delicious foods rest before my eyes. I take a sip and cozy down into my chair. My limbs relax and the day continues to float away. I don’t have to talk or think, in fact it is one of the most mindless of past times.  Two or three catalogs will do it.
     I know the secret. Catalog viewing causes me to stop, slow down, and sit. The quiet rhythmic turning of pages lulls my mind. There is nothing expected on my end. I can start at the back or the front.  I can finish a catalog or not  I may even ear tag a page or two  Soon it is time to  return to my world.
     My husband used to ask,” why do you look through those? You never buy anything.” I think he’s on to me now
because there are catalogs now,  waiting for me to inhale.


About kdoele

I am a teacher who continues to learn from students kindergarten through seventh grade. Currently teaching seventh grade English and Reading/Writing Workshop, I am exploring what it is like to "begin" again... my one little word for 2017.
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8 Responses to Junkmail….never!

  1. Yes, love the same ritual-funny how the hubs has the same reaction as yours! He tries to get us off the mailing list because he hates junkmail that much! My son is like me-he loves to peruse the ads on Sunday morning! Enjoy your relaxing moments-everyone needs them!

  2. I like how you used listing ” Coats, Pans, shoes, pillows, candles” to show the shedding of the day’s stress. I could feel the Peace of the catalogue moment from here, nice!

  3. Wilcox Carol says:

    I’m a catalogue lover too. The woman who lived in my house before I did got tons of them- everything from Williams and Sonoma, to the American Girl catalogue. She moved out three years ago, but her catalogues keep coming. And I keep looking! Even at American Girl, despite the fact that I only have sons, and they are 17 and 19! And your ritual, with the fleece yoga pants and wine sounds lovely!

  4. Lori Kidder says:

    My husband tries to toss mine right in the trash. He knows if he puts them in recycling I’ll just pull them out. I think I got 5 yesterday, and they are all safely hidden for my enjoyment.

  5. margaretsmn says:

    This is funny. I am not the one in our house with this ritual, my husband is. He especially likes Pottery Barn. I think he secretly wishes we could furnish our house in Pottery Barn. I occasionally look, but usually they go straight to the recycling bin.

  6. Tara Smith says:

    You described that slowing down of the day so well…we all all have our rituals, and it looks as though you have found the perfect one for you. PS I get the same stack, and I have to say Heinneman is my favorite…where do these educators get the time to write?! I want to discover THAT secret!

  7. We call it ‘pretend shopping’ at my house. My routine sounds so similar…especially the yoga pants…but lately the glossy has to wait until I’m done commenting. xo

  8. Perfect for “reading” on the treadmill….I keep my basket there…and peruse what I will never buy in my YOGA pants at 4.0 mph!

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