Dress Like Your Teacher Day


It’s Spirit week and our student council has created a special calendar of events for the week.  Monday was “Pajama Day.”  Tuesday was “80’s Day. ”  Today was “Dress as Your Teacher Day.”  Some students came dressed like our principal, hair slicked down, sport coats, colorful ties, and shiny party shoes.  Others came in dressed as the gym teacher, warm up suits, whistle around the neck, and running shoes.  One little girl came dressed as the art teacher wearing a smock and sparkly jewelry.

My favorite though was the group of girls from my class that all came wearing their mom’s flowing scarves to look like me.  They tossed them, wrapped them round and round their necks, and flicked them like a snake’s tongue, all day long.  They danced them off to gym,  dragged them off to recess and left them on their desks  during lunch.  Returning from our break I was requested to tie eight little third grade girls back into those scarves to finish off the day.

Tomorrow is “Sports Day.”  I’m not sure what will show up.  One student inquired about wearing his bathing suit and another her swim cap.  One little guy asked if he could wear his Irish dance shoes ( because that’s a sport).  Hockey helmets and race medals could arrive along with cleats.  The school is definitely vibrating with spirit!

Friday is “Dress as Your Favorite Book Character” and I’m looking forward to seeing who arrives in class.

About kdoele

I am a teacher who continues to learn from students kindergarten through seventh grade. Currently teaching seventh grade English and Reading/Writing Workshop, I am exploring what it is like to "begin" again... my one little word for 2017.
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5 Responses to Dress Like Your Teacher Day

  1. How fun!
    We have had a twin day, and I was so flattered when a student dressed as my twin. Only she looked a lot like Viola Swamp!

  2. jehansen13 says:

    I’m glad you got the picture!

  3. I love scarves as well, so it was fun to see the picture of your students dressed as you. It is always interesting to see what kids pick out as distinguishing features!

  4. Ramona says:

    Love those girls in scarves, but I’m looking forward to Friday’s pictures. Which character will you portray? I always loved Spirit Days. My favorite was Fashion Disaster Day!

    • kdoele says:

      Unfortunately and fortunately,I have a personal day Friday. I have a long weekend planned of skiing in Montana with my family. Of all the days to miss – that one would be my favorite. Love the idea of Fashion Disaster!

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