“Grizzly Country, No Cages”

Horses wake, backs toward the sun

“Livingston, Big Timber, Billings”

Butte with tree and telephone pole

“Yellowstone National Park Exit”

Black dots stand and turn into cattle

“52 miles ahead Park Entrance, $25.00”

Yellowstone River ripples and flashes light

“Sweet Water Fly Shop”

Two swans at river’s edge

“Paradise Valley”

Horses graze

“Mine for Sapphires and Garnets”

Mountains rise and cut the sky


Bare branches stretch, brown green river winds

“Pinto Ranch”

Gray hawk glides

“Wildlife Crossing Next 6 Miles”

Pronghorn hide in brush

“White Water Scenic River Tours”

Shaggy elk soak in sun

“Devil’s Slide”

Steaming puddle

“Canyon Campground”

River rushes snow edged

“Yellowstone Village”

Dry yellow, gold grasses, sun

“Yellowstone North Entrance — 1872 — For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People”


About kdoele

I am a teacher who continues to learn from students kindergarten through seventh grade. Currently teaching seventh grade English and Reading/Writing Workshop, I am exploring what it is like to "begin" again... my one little word for 2017.
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1 Response to Yellowstone

  1. elsie says:

    Yellowstone is a magical place. Someday, I want to visit it in the winter.

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