A “Found” poem from a Yellowstone pamphlet

Found poetry is a type of poetry created by taking words, phrases, and   sometimes whole passages from other sources and reframing them as poetry by making changes in spacing and lines, or by adding or deleting text, thus imparting new meaning.
–Definition from Wikipedia

Yellowstone Warning!
Are you hiking?
Wild animals are dangerous. 
Visitors have been gored by
Buffalo and elk that can sprint
Faster than you can run-
Three times faster. 
     Keep your distance. 
From bears and wolves-
At least 100 yards. 
Do not feed or approach wildlife,
Birds, squirrels, and coyotes. 
Respect wildlife. 

About kdoele

I am a teacher who continues to learn from students kindergarten through seventh grade. Currently teaching seventh grade English and Reading/Writing Workshop, I am exploring what it is like to "begin" again... my one little word for 2017.
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5 Responses to A “Found” poem from a Yellowstone pamphlet

  1. isbergamanda says:

    I’ve never written a found poem. What a fun idea! I’m going to propose it to my class tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

    -Amanda at http://teachingwanderlust.com/2015/03/23/ooops-a-little-problem-with-hotels/

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